Our Programmes

  • Special Assistance to Students
  • Special assistance for Students to ultimately stand on their own feet. Some of our earlier students are reaching level of higher studies. We encourage them to complete graduation, post-graduation or a vocational qualification. In case they require any additional financial or other support, we try to help them, even to the extent of helping them look for suitable employment commensurate with their qualifications. This fits in with our strategy of converting our students into future sponsors so that more children can be helped and RES can become self-sustaining and spread out to more children in other areas. This also fits in with our mission of making our Children contributing members of society.
  • Academic Camps
  • Over the years RES felt that one of the main causes of early termination of studies among our target children was their poor academic performance, especially at the Board examination level. Therefore as a part of extended activities, RES decided to organize three-week intensive Academic Camps for students from the 7th to the 10th class in their summer vacations. This is being organized since 2008. The camp is totally free for the children and our support includes classes, boarding, lodging and any educational excursions planned during the camp.
  • Mentoring Projects
  • Mentoring Project was a significant step taken by RES in 2009 to enhance academic standards of our students. Under this project, we link our senior students (above 11th class) to class 6th of their geographical area for regular academic guidance. In this association, junior students receive free academics guidance and seniors (Mentors) receive additional financial help from us for meeting the increased expenses of higher education.
  • Counseling
  • Experts from the Psychology Department of Jammu University provide periodic counseling to parents and students to maintain and increase their interest in education. They also try to help these parents and children understand the importance of supporting the children beyond High school and through College. Additionally, these counselors help in identifying students who may issues that require our attention or that can be resoved through us.