Take a look on the pie-chart that shows the figures, what we have achieved in the previous years to provide maximum benefits to the orphans, handicapped and HIV+ childrens.

Nikita’s father expired some years ago leaving behind four children. Soon after, the mother too abandoned them. It was at this time that Roshan Educational Society came forward to help Nikita in her educational pursuits. Anticipating a bleak future RES decided to support her through scholarships to complete her education. This would ultimately provide job opportunities.

Student name:- Nikita

Contact Address:- Garh mandi Samba

Mobile no:- 09018427180

Suneha currently a student of 7th class. Her movements were severely hampered due to a congential foot disease. Belonging to the BPL category, family couldn’t source an effective treatment. Bee Enn Charitable Society staff counseled the family ; organized Suneha’s surgeries free of cost. Dr. Inder Mohan, a specialist from Amritsar was invited to perform 2 operations - on 26th Aug 2010 & 26th Sep 2010 respectively. They were a great success and the deformity corrected, improving her mobility. Previously she found it difficult to go to school but now walks to the school !

Student name:- Suneha bhatti

Contact Address:- Arnia

Mobile no:- 09596601714

Kajal a 9th class student, was born with impaired speech and hearing. Her disability didn’t prevent her from studying to improve the quality of her life. Observing Kajal’s enthusiasm, RES decided to support Kajal with the purchase of hearing aids. Her father, a government employee, was encouraged to share the cost. The Hearing aids have made a marginal difference; however Kajal still communicates with sign language.

Student name:- Kajal

Contact Address:- Goupar

Mobile no:- 01923- 205698

Prabhakar, with severe lower limbs deformity can barely stand even with crutches. His dream of Higher Education (B.Ed – Jammu University) became a reality with the financial support & motorized scooter from the society.

Student name:- Prahakar

Contact Address:- Seripanditian

Mobile no:- 07298358249