Mr. Kunil Bhalla
Mr. Bhalla has always been inclined towards providing aid and facilities to those who needed it but didnít have the awareness or access to it. While leading a large commercial organization for the last 8 years, Mr. Bhalla also became the founder and promoter of Roshan Educational Society. Roshan Education Society (RES) that focuses on the education of underprivileged children who are physically disable. His main focus is creating awareness and increasing access to Health and Education primarily to special children( Handicapped, Orphan, Medical, Abandoned) belonging to less fortunate families of rural areas in and around Jammu. Since this is his passion, he partakes in all activities of the Society. This includes field visits, counseling sessions, health and academic guidance camps. He is also actively involved with the Red Cross and other associations in the area.



Mr. Lalit M. Khajuria
Administrative Officer
Mr. Khajuria has been associated with RES from the inception of the society. He plays a vital role as a administrative officer and is responsible for all documentation and process related work of the society. He is a real asset to the society.



Ms. Mousamy bhatti
Public Relations Officer
As Public relations officer, she has the key role of supervising all activities of the Society. She ensures that all processes function seamlessly and that all activities undertaken by the society are conducted in a proper manner. She is devoted towards the society & is always ready to put in every effort for the benefit of the society.



Ms. Chetna Sharma
She has recently joined the RES team on May 2017. She handles all the IT work of RES, maintains all the records and interacts with the students .She also helps in supervising all the activities that are conducted by RES.